I’ve had my eye on this particular rum for a while. Produced by a small family-owned distillery in Madeira, Portugal, I was instantly hooked by the eye-catching branding and couldn’t put aside my curiosity of trying out an Agricole rum from Europe.

I was over the moon when I saw that Dan Murphy’s began selling, That Boutique-y Rum Company rums a few months ago, so I jumped at the chance of grabbing myself one of the 1,936 bottled released. Sadly, this particular bottle is now sold out at Dan’s, but for those who are interested, I purchased this 500mL bottle for $114.99 — youch!!

Okay, now for the fun part, the tasting.

To the eye: This rum sits slightly oily in my glass, dark gold in colour but surrounded by a light orange like aura.

Nose: I can pick up the juicy notes of raisins, sherry, treacle, and warm vanilla bean.

On the palate: I’m not going to lie, this packed a punch on delivery. It has a pretty funky edge, one that suggests it’s not here to play around. Once that initial shock surpasses, the flavour develops into a juicy blackcurrant explosion (think of a naughty Ribena). On further sips, you then start to pick up the grassiness you would get expect from a sugarcane-based spirit.

In summary: What we have here is a pretty funky rum that could be a bit of a shock to the system for those unsuspected. But please give it time, I promise you it mellows out, allowing you to enjoy the fruit filled ride. I must admit though, I am sad I couldn’t pick up on the olive and unripe banana I read would be detectable. With saying that, I really enjoyed the blackcurrant journey it took me on.

Have you had a try of this rum? I would love to hear your thoughts below

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🥃 Rum Reviewer 📸 Photographer + Stylist 🍹 Cocktail & Content Creator 👩‍💻 Blogger 🌏 Sydney, Australia

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Kara’s Rum Quest

Kara’s Rum Quest

🥃 Rum Reviewer 📸 Photographer + Stylist 🍹 Cocktail & Content Creator 👩‍💻 Blogger 🌏 Sydney, Australia

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