Today, Kara’s Rum Quest will be reviewing Victoria’s own, JimmyRum.

I have been following JimmyRum from the side lines for a while now. They are an Australian based rum distillery, who’s mission is to educate and delight your tastebuds while showing you how diverse, unique and exciting rum can be.

I have yet to have the privilege of making it to this distillery, but once Melbourne comes out of lock down, you can be sure it’s the first place I am heading when I am next in Victoria.

Okay, on to rums. First up;

JimmyRum Silver — Batch #002

To the eye: Clear and clean.

The nose: Floral with subtle whispers of caramel and butterscotch. Now, I am not sure if I should write the next part, but hey, I am going to anyway. The aroma instantly took me back to the smell of my old comic book collection. I love that smell; to me, it smells sweet with notes of vanilla flowers and almonds. Just me? Okay, back to scheduled programming.

On the Palate: I pick up fresh grass, green olives, sugarcane, unripe citrus and raisins. A bit of a 180 compared to what I picked up on the nose. This rum coats your whole mouth and holds on for a while, which is a joy! Packed full of flavour and super satisfying to drink.

I find this a great, non-intimidating un-aged rum that is part intricate, part delicate. You could easily enjoy this over ice with a squeeze of lime if you are not used to drinking un-aged rum neat. If you were to make a cocktail with this, be sure to have fun with it. I made a berry mojito with it recently, and it worked well.

JimmyRum Small Batch Navy Rum — Batch #003

Navy Strength — Definition: The alcoholic content of a spirit at which gunpowder will still ignite after being soaked in it. Also known as “Proof” strength or a spirit with an ABV higher than just over 57% (57.142857% to be exact). Good gosh!

I have not frequented such high ABV un-aged rums since starting my rum quest, so I may not be able to do this rum justice. In saying that, let’s give it a crack.

To the eye: Crystal clear yet oily in my glass.

The nose: Grassy, peppery, sawdust (?).

On the Palate: Dried orange peel, Liquorice Root (Mulethi), very earthy/grassy and peppery.

What a pleasant surprise! This bad boy is a tongue twister as it hits you with dried orange peel, followed by the earthiness, then ends with a creamy, peppery finish. An exciting rum, with an unpredicted flavour. I enjoyed it. I like a rum that shocks and surprises, and this rum did that for me.

JimmyRum Small Batch Oaked Rum — Batch #004

Before I even tried this rum, it’s brown sugar, and buttery aroma hit me right between the eyes as I poured it into my glass — I’m a fan before I’ve even indulged.

For this small batch range, they have popped their “Silver” spirit into new or near new small format American oaks barrels for a short time. Intrigued? Well, read on.

To the eye: Soft amber colour and silky in my glass.

The nose: It instantly reminds me of Werther’s originals toffees, caramel fudge, vanilla and my favourite; honeysuckle.

On the Palate: Juicy and floral upon delivery followed by what I can only place my finger on as a nice hint of red chilli. The oaky notes do pull through but are not as prominent as the sweet vanilla, honeysuckle character that stands front and centre.

I dig this and am not surprised this was voted number one in @drinkeasyawards category of 2019 Australia’s best drinks by style — un-aged rum! I think this is a pretty impressive tipple, and will no doubt be enjoying this neat or in a cocktail of my choice.

JimmyRum Import Series Barbados Rum — Batch #001

I was very excited to try this rum as its made up of a blend of three, five and eight-year-old rums sourced from the Foursquare distillery.

To the eye: Light gold liquid that flows somewhat velvet-like around my glass

The nose: I picked up a mix of rich, fleshy fruits (ripe mangoes), dried berries and glacé fruit ( candied pineapple), topped with the warming aroma of freshly baked cupcakes — loving the idea of sipping this already!

On the Palate: For something that came across so sweet and rich on the ol’ nasal passage, I was pleasantly surprised by how crisp and dry this rum was upon delivery. Packed full of juicy flavour which instantly coats your mouth on impact but then quickly dispels, it is a rum that encourages you to reach for another sip in quick succession, which I am not mad at ;-)

I adore this rum neat but can imagine this being wonderful over ice on a summers day.

All up, you can’t mess with perfection and right here, is perfection. These rums are fun, unique and exciting and I am so pumped to see what JimmyRum does next!

If you’re in Victoria, please check out this fantastic distillery and do your bit to support Australian rum. If, like me, you can’t make it to Vic, be sure to show your support by heading to their online store and treating yo’self to a bottle or two: https://jimmyrum.com.au/our-shop/

Before you leave, be sure to show authors ❤️ with 👏’s

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🥃 Rum Reviewer 📸 Photographer + Stylist 🍹 Cocktail & Content Creator 👩‍💻 Blogger 🌏 Sydney, Australia

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Kara’s Rum Quest

Kara’s Rum Quest

🥃 Rum Reviewer 📸 Photographer + Stylist 🍹 Cocktail & Content Creator 👩‍💻 Blogger 🌏 Sydney, Australia

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