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Brix Distillers is an excellent working craft distillery dedicated to rum in the heart of Sydney. Located in my favourite Friday night hunting ground of Surry Hills, this has been such a welcome breath of fresh air for the inner city for a rum fan like myself.

The rum I am reviewing today is their Spiced Rum. A blend of their Brix White (unaged, distilled in Sydney) and their Gold (a 5-year blend of 5 years old & and 8-year-old Barbados rums) rum then infused with the usual suspects in the shape of cinnamon, vanilla, but with a grapefruit & native Australian spices twist.

To the eye: Deep red/gold liquid.

The nose: I pick up a mix of ripe mango, lemongrass, cinnamon and vanilla bean.

On the Palate: You're greeted with stunning flavours such as caramelised orange, steamed vanilla pudding, juicy fruit finishing with the cinnamon and chocolate.

This spiced rum is a treat! When it comes to spiced rum, more often than not, they fall into the 'artificial flavour' category. Brix Spiced rum, thankfully, does not. It has excellent bold flavours that taste fresh and clean rather than synthetic. A pretty versatile Spiced Rum that can no doubt be enjoyed as a sipper, but will shine in a cocktail.

The cocktail I decided to go with this evening was a Spiced Rum, Ginger ale and lime.

• 130ml Dry Ginger Ale by StrangeLove
• 60ml Brix Spiced Rum
• 10ml fresh lime
• Dash of Angostura® bitters

Fill glasses with ice, add your ginger ale, lime and top with your spiced rum. Stir to combine, top with bitters and garnish with some dehydrated lime.

If you like rum with rich oranges and spicy tones, then you will very much enjoy Brix Spiced Rum :-)

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